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While petra und der wolf is sleeping for an uncertain amount of time, you may check out this:

Petra's vegan cookalong podcast
Aurora's other musical projects on


Dear friends and fans, we have an announcement to make:

sadly hearted we are going on a break for an uncertain amount of time. There is one more chance to experience petra und der wolf performing live:

16th of june in Vienna
18th of june in Koprivnica

We really appreciate having had you as dear fellows, all the way through those 14 years, and hope that our music will keep accompanying you. Thank you a lot!

Of course we both keep on the creative path and there is a lot coming up. So stay tuned, further information will follow soon. In the meantime we are looking forward to june and our farewell show together with you!


Well... obviously crossing fingers did not work but we won't give up. Stay safe and stay tuned - lets hope for a 2022 full of joyful live experiences!


Autumn 2021 is a great time for us as we are able to play concerts and - fingers crossed - finally premiere the dance-theatre production I-object !
Watch the newest trailer and step by:

Yeah!!! Good chances to do live shows again! Looking forward to play a couple of concerts in 2021, starting at the Kultursommer in Vienna. Check our tour dates for updated information. See us also perform at the dance-theatre production I-object in November 2021 and March 2022 at Dschungel Wien.


After finally presenting our album in autumn, we work intensively with Körperverstand Vienna on the dance-theatre production I-object. Premieres - we don't know when - in 2021 at Dschungel Wien!


Finally it looks like we'll be able to catch up on our album release show: October 15th @ Fluc Wanne. Tickets are available here. Hurry up as the number of seats is limited! Check our tourdates for other exclusive shows in 2020! After a long break we look forward to see you again, with a new live-set, new outfits and, let's say, a refreshed attitude!


Take a bit of Viennese beach-feeling, add some boy*band-attitude and here you are: Stories On Sale by Marie Luise Lehner


† Due to the Covid19-pandemic we had to postpone our release show - new date is october 15th 2020! †

We proudly announce Aurora as drummer of the month chosen by Backbeat Magazin! Read the interview about our new album Surface! and - of course - its drumming here

Single "The Greatest" taken from our new album "Surface!" out now!
Listen and watch this beautifully made video by SISIGRANT! Presented by Missy Magazine

Our year starts quite exciting with the shooting of a music video and three shows in Switzerland: petra und der wolf will appear at Les Reines Prochaines' album release shows in Basel and Zuerich and at the Duofestival in Bienne.
Check our tourdates and come by!

Yeah! Angela Christliebs documentary
UNDER THE UNDERGROUND appearing PETRA UND DER WOLF and many other artists won the price for the best music documentary at UNERHÖRT! Music Film Festival 2019!

Premiere of Angela Christliebs documentary
UNDER THE UNDERGROUND about the Janka Studios appearing PETRA UND DER WOLF and many other bands and artists at the Diagonale Film Festival!

>click here for more information

Yeah! Once again we visited the charming Janka Studios in Vienna and recorded this session:

Please click on TOUR to see our upcoming live dates:
petra und der wolf will do very exclusive shows in 2019 - maybe also in YOUR town...?

New video of petra und der wolf at the Festival Uličnih Svirača in Novi Sad!

NEW! Studio Session at Radio 3Fach!